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We Are a Full-Service Landscaping Company

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At Total Landscape Management, we will design, install andmaintain a beautiful new landscape for you. Whether you would like us to install artificial grass, design decorative rock gardens or construct a new deck, our team of landscape contractors will provide you with the professional services you are looking for. You can design your new landscape or we can recommend one of the many designs we have created over the years.

Our Services Include:

Landscape Contractors (Residential, Commercial, Industrial) Repair, Remodeling, New Construction, Installation, Maintenance

  • Artificial Grass
  • Boulders
  • Complete Custom Landscape Design
  • Decorative Rocks and Mulch
    Erosion Control
  • Flowers
  • Front and Backyard Landscaping
  • Hardscape
  • Hydroseeding
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Landscape Designers
  • Lawns
  • Misting Systems
  • Outdoor Fireplaces
  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Patios and Decks
  • Professional Landscape Installation
  • Retaining Walls
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Tree Service
  • Trees and Shrubs
  • Water Features

Our team of professionals always makes their current project their top priority and takes pride in each new landscape they design, install and care for. We will treat your lawn as if it were our own with the care and respect it deserves. For the best landscape services in the Greater Salt Lake Area remember Total Landscape Management!

If you have any questions or would like more information about our landscaping services and you live in the Greater Salt Lake Area, give us a call! For the best landscape and paving, remember Total Landscape Management!

Improve the Appearance of Your Lawn with Landscaping Services

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When someone arrives at your home, they immediately take in the surroundings and form an impression of your property. Taking care of the lawn and surrounding areas can go a long way toward increasing curb appeal or even helping your house to sell faster and command a higher price on the market. We can help you create the outdoor space of your dreams. Simply talk to us about what you need, and we can create a plan that will work for you.

Landscaping Services: Spring and Fall

Consider how much you are willing to spend on your lawn. We are happy to work with most budgets. In the spring and fall, there are several services to pick from. First, we can take care of your lawn. This involves protecting the area from bugs and weeds by laying down organic and synthetic fertilizers. As a result of the application, your soil quality gets better and everything is safe for the environment.

In addition, general maintenance is offered. This includes cutting the grass, getting rid of weeds, power-edging around the sidewalks and more. Other options include lawn seeding or sod and hydro seeding, as well as planting flowers and other items to add color to your property. Some options include pansies, mums and kale cabbage.

If you would like to add mulch to your property, rest assured that we do not put down dyed mulch. Choices include Pine Bark, Cedar, Hammermill, Hemlock, and Licorice Root Mulch.

Many customers are interested in shrub and tree pruning services. We take care of both trees and shrubs by hand, adding shape to them or simply ensuring that they are the desired size. If you are interested in the platinum gardening plan, it is possible to add this service on. Also, we can shear shrubs, but we will not do so automatically. You must make a request.

Snow and Ice Services

In the winter, snow and ice often presents a large problem for our commercial customers. We have several different contracts tailored to meet your needs. These include per-visit or per application prices, seasonal plans, and even per-inch and per-storm agreements. We have all our own equipment, including box plows, wheel loaders and bobcats. Applications are either granular or liquid, and we can both de-ice an area or put down a preventative treatment.

Different areas require different methods when dealing with snow and ice. For parking lots, we often de-ice and use poly blades. For sidewalks, we melt ice with products designed not to harm the environment. Options include magnesium chloride, liquid ice ban and calcium chloride. We can move snow if necessary using a loader as well.

Aesthetic Appeal

Total Landscape Management Utah 17We understand that you want your yard to look as nice as possible. We can create just the right “look” for your space, but keep in mind that design fees will be added on.

When you get a “to-scale” design, you are able to communicate exactly what you want. You also have a picture of sorts that allows you to visualize what the finished project will look like. The design helps us as well; you can tell us what is most important to you, and you are able to request changes as the work takes place. In addition, it is important to note that we take care of all the hard work for you. For example, if a permit is needed, we secure it. Anything that we put onto your property can be taken care of over time by our capable team.

Pricing Information

For spring and fall visits where bulbs are replaced and fixtures and transformers are inspected, a $65 fee is charged. There is an additional fee of $59 per man-hour (parts are not included). For design/build clients, we offer a lighting demonstration kit at no charge depending on the project at hand. These kits cost $125.00 normally for non-clients and $75.00 for regular clients when it comes to the demonstration set-up. After installation, this fee is refunded.

For additional savings, request a check of the irrigation system when we are already at your property. You could save around $65 if you do so. Simply mention what you would like in advance of your appointment. We are happy to provide irrigation services in conjunction with our other services. Regardless of whether the system is for a commercial or residential property, we are generally able to take care of it and fix any issues that crop up. In addition, if you would like an irrigation system installed, we are happy to oblige and we use brand-name parts.

If you need a maintenance call in the spring, it will cost $65. The same is true if you need a repair or inspection. In addition, there is a $59 fee per man-hour (parts are not included). To save extra money (at least $65.00), make sure to request that your lighting is checked during your appointment.

Yard Clean-Up: Fall

Many families spend time outside in the fall. The weather is beautiful, the leaves are starting to fall, and itís the perfect time for bonding. Take everyone outside for a walk or go on a bike ride. We can take care of your yard while you are away. We are happy to clean up the leaves and put them by the curb for the town to be picked up. Anything that is left behind is vacuumed. We also mow if necessary. If your town does not pick up leaves, we offer vacuuming services to dispose of the leaves.

Yard Clean-Up: Spring

There’s nothing like the arrival of spring after a long, cold winter. No one wants to be tied to their lawn when the weather is so beautiful. We have both one-time services as well as other plans to suit your needs. We are happy to prune shrubs, remove sticks and leaves, engage in garden spade edging and more. You can also choose to have weed control or spot seeding services.

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