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If you want to transform your yard into the gorgeous green space of your dreams, professional assistance from our Total Landscape Management, Residential Landscape Design, Landscaping, Utah, UTlandscaping design and installation teams can make it happen. At Total Landscape Management you’ll find the experienced professionals you need to design, install, and enjoy even the most complex landscaping plans. You can turn the land around your home into a delightful living space ideally suited to enjoyment in every season.

We like to begin our landscaping process by making an in-depth analysis of the conditions available on your property. We’ll assess the amount of sunlight available, the condition of your soil and water, and consult with you about your design goals. We can give you the professional advice you need to create a realistic plan for utilizing your outdoor areas to their full potential.

We proceed by drafting accurate scale plans showing our proposed enhancements to your outdoor spaces. We precisely locate everything we intend to deliver, from new walls and decks to individual plants. We’re adept at choosing plants that will suit your existing greenery as well as your plans for the future.

It doesn’t matter if you’re starting with the proverbial blank slate or are looking for a minor enhancement of your existing landscaping; we can help you with every step of the process.

When you have the assistance of expert landscape architects, it’s easy to realize even the most elaborate goals for landscaping work while staying within a realistic budget. Whether your job is a big one or a small one, we can complete it quickly and economically with minimal hassle.

The Benefits

Lavishing a little design attention to the outdoor space surrounding your home is well worth the effort. Even modest additions (such as new pavers, new plantings, and decorative boulders) can make a dramatic improvement in the attractiveness and appeal of your property.

Total Landscape Management Utah 21Your first step is consulting with our landscape design experts to craft a plan that’s both economical and appealing. Many of our customers find it convenient to break a landscaping project down into phases, e.g. starting with your front yard and landscaping side yards and the rear of your property later. During this initial visit, we’ll get a sense of your likes and dislikes when it comes to plant and color selection as well as other factors like shading and enclosed outdoor spaces. After we’ve gained a working understanding of your needs and desires, we’ll draft an initial plan for your approval. You’ll have the opportunity to make inquiries and alter the plans as you see fit before work proceeds.

Once our plans accurately reflect the landscaping you want, we proceed to the installation process. We’ll coordinate with you closely to schedule our work. Before we begin we’ll also ensure that you understand exactly what you can expect during installation. Once work begins, our crews will craft your new landscape according to your plans. While they’re working on your property, our employees will be courteous and respectful at all times.

Our job isn’t finished after the installation is complete. We consider education to be extremely important, so we’ll provide you with complete instructions on watering and caring for your new plants. Good plant care is particularly important immediately following installation; it promotes long-term health and fast root growth. We do perform an initial watering at the end of the installation process, but future care is up to you.

If you’d like Total Landscape Management to continue to assist you with your landscaping, we also offer a variety of flexible maintenance services to keep your new plants looking their best.


Total Landscape Management Utah, Hardscaping, Residential LandscapingAt Total Landscape Management, we devote as much professional attention to the hardscape elements of a new plan as we do to the plants it requires. If your ideal landscape includes new decks, patios, or screening walls, we can help you make it a reality.

In all of our hardscape work, Total Landscape Management takes steps to minimize the possibility of damage. We survey your property thoroughly for water and utility lines, verify the condition of your soil, and confirm we can get our equipment in place before we proceed with any new construction.

We also handles all of the necessary planning and research prior to new hardscape construction. We’ll check local regulations and building codes to confirm the appropriateness of your planned work and secure any necessary permits.

Patios & Decks

Many of our clients like to create comfortable, livable outdoor spaces by building new decks or patios. We’re familiar with a wide variety of hardscape options, and we can help you achieve your outdoor living goals.


For many clients, water features are the mark of a truly distinctive landscaping plan.

Total Landscape Management has all of the resources necessary to create durable, safe, and attractive water gardens. We have the expertise, tools, and raw materials necessary to execute a wide variety of waterscaping projects, from fountains and ponds to aquatic plants and koi ponds. Fully satisfying our clients’ needs is always our first concern with water gardening work.

The Waterscaping Process

We begin every waterscaping project by meeting with you for a no-obligation consultation. We’ll survey your property and get a good understanding of your intentions. We come to you so that we can discuss the project on-site.

Because every water feature is different, it can be difficult to estimate the time required to create one. We will formulate a realistic timeline as part of our proposal process, once we have a clear idea of your intentions.

Total Landscape Management provides comprehensive maintenance services for water features, too. Whether you need weekly cleanings or a single annual service, we have a maintenance program that can suit your budget and your water feature.

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