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Smart Ways To Take Care Of Autumn Leaves In Utah

24-Oct-2019 | by Scott Bennett

When fall rolls around, the leaves in the trees become bright with a vast array of colors. It’s a beautiful sight for a while, but eventually those leaves fall and make a huge mess in your yard. Hardly anyone enjoys yard clean up time, especially if you don’t have the assistance of a professional landscaper, but it needs to get done. Luckily, there are many ways to make those leaves a little easier to manage. With winter right around the corner you are ready for anything that will make prepping your lawn for winter easier. You've already started to winterize your sprinkler system, brought in all the outdoor furniture, now the last thing to take care of is all the falling leaves. 

Collect Leaves with a Lawn Mower

If you have a lawn mower that gathers trimmings, you can use it for quick and easy yard clean up in fall. The lawn mower will chop up and collect the leaves in a convenient bag, which you can then dispose of or use for mulch.

Use a Wide No-Clog Rake

The wider your rake is, the less time you’ll have to devote to raking. It’s also very beneficial to purchase a no-clog rake. Rakes that skewer leaves and collect them on the tines are frustrating to work with and only add to your cleaning time. No-clog rakes collect leaves just as easily, but are designed in such a way that they can neither skewer or collect leaves on the tines.

Use a Tarp Instead of Plastic Bags

Plastic bags filled with leaves are only useful when you can use the ones designed like jack-o-lanterns for Halloween. Otherwise, they’re a nuisance, especially if you have a big yard with a lot of leaves. Instead, rake all of the leaves into a big tarp. Make sure you rake out the spot that the tarp will rest on before working. You don’t want to clear the whole yard only to discover a massive pile of leaves under the tarp. When you’re done, grab the edges of the tarp, tie them together and carry the leaves to your disposal site.

Use a Leaf Vacuum to Clean Tough Areas

If you’ve ever seen a yard cleaned by a professional landscaping company, you might have wondered how they remove leaves from tough areas such as hedges, walkways, stone mulch patches and flowerbeds. Most landscaping companies utilize handheld leaf vacuums to clean these tight and difficult areas. They’re as easy to use as leaf blowers, but they don’t simply move the mess to another spot.

Never Clean Up Leaves on Windy Days

Save yourself a lot of frustration and extra work by cleaning up leaves on days with little to no wind. Everyone’s experienced the feeling of being nearly done with a big raking job only to have a big gust of wind reverse all of that hard work. If you can’t manage to do it on a windless day, do your best to rake in the same direction as the wind.

To make your yard clean up job easier and quicker, call a professional landscaping company. Professional landscapers can provide any home’s yard with the most thorough and precise cleaning job no matter how badly the leaves have accumulated, and they can do it at an affordable cost.

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