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What Services Do Commercial Landscapers Offer In Utah?

05-Sep-2019 | by Scott Bennett

As the summer slowly comes to an end, it makes sense for those living in Salt Lake City to prepare for landscaping services. While there might be many in the area, you’d want to choose a landscaping company that offers as many services as possible. If you’re wondering what services to look for when selecting a landscaping company, take a look at this list:

What Services Do Commercial Landscapers Offer in Utah?

1. Lawn Mowing

Professional lawn mowing at your residence or building will drastically improve the way your landscape looks. Along with the professional Utah landscape designs, you may also receive weekly services that include picking up discarded grass and debris along with alternating the mowing pattern. Make sure that only the most upscale commercial equipment is used to guarantee a plausible, clean cut. Certain machinery that professionals use may also have multiple functions that have the ability to do all things in one run.

2. Lawn Care

Lawn care may include: cutting to the right size of grass depending on the time of year, cutting or trimming down the edges of the lawn, and blowing off the areas where grass and debris may have built up, including patios and decks. This might also include Utah landscaping design.

3. Snow Removal

Snow removal is one of the best things the company can do to ensure that your area is safe to walk over. When snow builds, black ice can be hidden underneath which makes it incredibly dangerous and even more slippery. Professionals can remove the snow with machinery that is way more powerful than a standard shovel. The main difference between the two is that professional machinery can cut through the base of the snow, removing it completely. A regular shovel will still leave shards of black ice on the surface.

4. Tree and Bush Trimming

After the leaves grow back on the trees, it is necessary to have a regular trim done to ensure that your landscape has a clean and professional appearance. It is best to inquire about these services during the winter, as this is the time when dead wood and dead plants appear the most. If you need it, most professionals in the Utah area can also do tree pruning by hand if you want your landscape to look more authentic and realistic.

5. Garden Maintenance & Cleanups

Salt Lake City is very beautiful in the fall. Colorful leaves fall all over the place and make for a great view. However, they don't look so good once they've died. Professionals will rake up these leaves and also use a vacuum machine to remove dead leaves from the landscape. Most of the dead plants will also be cleaned up from the walking areas (sidewalks and driveways) along with the plant bed and shrubbery. Spring cleanup is also a great way to improve the appearance of your property. After the winter has finished running its course, a lot of branches and dead plants will be cleaned up and removed. Shrubs, bushes, and other plant beds will also be cut to prepare for a new cycle of fresh growth.

Whether you're looking for these services, Utah landscape design, or advice on caring for your lawn, there are many great services that are offered to thriving businesses all over Salt Lake City

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