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What Happens If You Don't Clean Up Your Leaves?

31-Oct-2019 | by Scott Bennett

Although raking seems like it's only a chore that increases curb appeal, there are several reasons why its beneficial. This guide highlights four reasons why all homeowners should set aside time to remove leaves on a lawn.

Less Nutrients for the Ground

A lawn needs air, water, and sunlight in order to grow. Without these resources, a lawn will lose its vivid green color. When leaves drop on a lawn, they create a barrier that blocks sunlight. If a layer of leaves is thick and tall, the grass underneath it won't be able to breathe, and some blades of grass may not effectively absorb water from a sprinkle system or rainstorm. By removing piles of leaves, your lawn a thrive and grow efficiently until the winter weather arrives.

No Protection for the Thatch

The thatch is a layer of grass that contains foliage and degraded stems. If this portion of a lawn isn't maintained, the quality of the grass will suffer. Raking is the only way to manage the thatch. If it gets too thick, a lawn will struggle to absorb oxygen.

No Mulch For Your Yard

By raking leaves off your property, you'll have an opportunity to make mulch. Without mulch, your lawn won't grow healthy and strong. Mulch is valuable because it.

  • Blocks weeds: In the spring, weeds sprout around a lawn and extract nutrients from grass that's trying to grow. A thin layer of mulch can contain weeds that interfere with lush green grass.
  • Holds moisture: When mulch is scattered over plant roots and watered, it holds the moisture. If you water a layer of mulch on a hot day, your plants won't dry out.
  • Prevent erosion: Soil erosion occurs when the top layer of a lawn is displaced. This condition happen naturally while erosion agents are present on a lawn. If you distribute shredded leaves over all exposed soil, the layers will prevent or reduce erosion.

No Organic Matter

There are two things that a lawn needs to survive. A great water-holding capacity is a key requirement since grass absorbs a lot of water throughout the day. The second thing that a lawn needs is a solid soil structure. If the terrain is weak, it won't hold nutrients properly, and this will make healthy grass break down. You can improve your lawn's water-holding capacity and strengthen it's structure by using leaves since they're basically organic matter. A layer of broken leaves will absorb water like a sponge, and if you make the top layer thick, it will provide great stability and support.

If you have busy a schedule, you may not have time to clean up leaves before winter. You don't have to make time for this chore because professional landscapers from a landscaping company can help. No matter if your lawn is one acre or several acres, professional landscapers can remove every leaf. Time is never an issue for a landscaping company because all crew members work together efficiently to complete projects without any delays.

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