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Garden Pathway Trends of 2019 In Salt Lake City

15-Aug-2019 | by Scott Bennett

A well planned garden path or walkway can add beauty as well as value to your backyard landscaping. Contingent on where you live, you can also take pleasure in the outdoor space year round, Likewise, cleverly selected elements can create a landscape design that is both functional and attractive.

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, garden paths and walkways can balance your landscape design and bring all the elements together. In fact, walkways can give your backyard landscaping a harmonious flow by connecting essential and beneficial features of your lawn or garden.

What is more, a well-designed landscape in Salt Lake City is a special luxury that you can enjoy year-round. However, your garden and lawns needs to be cared for in the hot summer months so that your plants and grass stay green, lush and healthy. Likewise, in order to have year round beauty, it is imperative that you consider a few basic landscaping tips in order to preserve long-term aesthetics.

Cost-Effective Garden Pathway Trends

A striking walkway does not have to be costly. There are various pathways that can be built in a weekend that won’t leave you broke. In fact, there are numerous pathway ideas that will flow much better with your design than unnatural and expensive “modern” components.

Here are a few inexpensive tips and trends for garden pathways in Salt Lake City and other similar growing zones:

Rock Walkways

Rock and stone walkways add something special to your landscape. A simple winding gravel path can transpose a complex design into a relaxed ambiance with low garden maintenance. In addition, gravel and mulch are the cheapest pathway materials to purchase for rock walkways.

Other types of rock pathway ideas include:

Bluestone – great for an attractive color contrast. It has refined edges and clean lines. Bluestone goes well with a naturalistic garden. There are also many materials you can use between the Bluestone slabs such as mulch, river rock or natural low growing drought resistant plants.

Irregular Flagstone – this stone comes in a variety of colors. Its texture and color is a striking enrichment that adds beauty to any outdoor living space. It is also a great accent for existing patios. You can also be quite creative with the stone by laying it different ways such as curved, straight, irregular, refined, with a patchwork effect, dry laid or mortared.

Slate – stepping stones created from slate offer a distinctive shape and array of texture. As well, slate displays numerous shades of color. Slate, concrete and natural stones can be utilized to create several designs for garden walkways - are straight, curved, free style or angular.

Borders and edges- are a wonderful design element for your garden walkway. They add contrast, refinement, depth and beauty to your landscape. In truth, adding a border or edging bring the whole design together. Some common types of edging for a garden pathway are:

Brick or stone – brick and stone is very is durable and has a very attractive contrast. It is more expensive than other edging materials plus labor intense to install.

Concrete Edging – is lower cost when compared to brick or stone. Also, newer concrete edging are produced to look like real tumbled stone.

Timbers- are an inexpensive substitute to brick or stone borders. Timbers are particularly useful for constructing shallow steps on increasingly sloping terrain.

Steel edging – this edging adds clean lines and smooth edges. Steel edging cost more than plastic and is it cost more than plastic and is difficult to install on sloped terrain.

Plastic edging – is a cheap alternative to other materials but not as “natural”. You can actually hide the edging with border plants so it is not as noticeable.

Benefits of a Well-Designed Garden Pathway

Garden pathways can be breathtaking and add value to your home. In truth, stone pathways last for years and even centuries. To create a functional yet stunning garden walkway entails creativeness and inspiration. Moreover, time and effort are needed in order to create an eye-catching landscape design. Truthfully, a well-designed landscape will create a lot of joy, improve everyone’s mood and make you feel honored.

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