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Hiring A Professional Landscaper For The Fall

08-Aug-2019 | by Scott Bennett

In Salt Lake City, we experience the elements of all four seasons. While many people may think of commercial landscaping as mainly a spring or summer business, there are quite a few things that can also be done during the cooler months. Good landscaping can significantly raise the property value of your home. So unless you have exceptional talent along with a lot of time on your hands, you should consider hiring qualified professionals to do this important work.

Do you have any plants in your landscape that are diseased beyond repair or is already dead? Have them pulled out and introduce new ones that will be ready to boost the appearance of your outdoors next year. Or, if you have blank, open spaces that you would like filled with beauty, why not add a plant or two to your outdoors? Perhaps some evergreens that will make each of your winters more verdant.

2. Winterize Your Sprinkler System

We know, we know, you don't even want to think about winter yet. While winter is an unpleasant thought, not paying to keep your grass green is. Whenever the fall comes, having a professional landscaper winterize your sprinkler system can be very helpful. Nothing will put a damper on next spring like turning on your sprinkler system for the first time and having it non-functional because the pipes have cracked from water expansion. A landscaping company can prevent this by blowing out all the water at a reasonable price.

3. Address Drainage Issues

If there has been any damage to either your house or outdoor property caused by water, it could be due to poor drainage, perhaps caused by poor grading or obstruction. You can call a landscaping company for consultation and action to prevent this from happening in the future. The fall is a good time to have this addressed. With summer being the driest season, any unresolved issues can make for trouble over the next three seasons with melting snow and rainfall.

4. Hardscaping

Spring and summer are not the only seasons to have your hardscaping done. Apart from adjusting a hardscape area to address drainage issues, you may also want to introduce something that will add to your yard activities in the fall, such as a fire pit. Of course, other services that are not season specific are also available, such as retaining walls and pavers.

5. Get it Done Quickly

Due to the fact that most people consider fall and winter to be the off-season in the world of landscaping, commercial landscaping companies tend to be called on less for many services that are suited for only the warmer months. Therefore, you may end up receiving a better deal on prices. You are also likely to have the benefit of a shorter wait time.

In the Salt Lake City area, a professional landscaping company has immediate access to equipment and personnel that can meet your needs and exceed your quality expectations in a fraction of the time. We can help you preserve your systems and accentuate your property.

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