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It's Not Too Late To Hire Landscapers

01-Aug-2019 | by Scott Bennett

For those who live in Salt Lake City, it's evident that summer is drawing to a close. However, that doesn't mean that lawn maintenance and care are over, not by a long shot.

In fact, when the weather is just starting to get cool is actually the perfect time to hire a landscaping company for landscape design or any big job. Rates tend to be lower in these end-of-summer months, and a landscaping company is less likely to be booked up. Plus, you really want your yard to be ready to tackle and stand up to the colder months ahead.

Whether you need something major like landscape design or just a little upkeep and care, end of summer is the perfect time to take care of your lawn in Salt Lake City. In fact, there are a few things that you absolutely should do before the summer's over.

Leave the Grass at the Right Height

Before summer is over, you'll want to have one final mowing job done. Ideally, this job should be done by professionals because it's important to leave the grass at just the right height, usually a little taller than normal. Professional landscapers tend to be better at striking that perfect balance than just your average homeowner.

The reason it's necessary to leave your grass at the right height is so that your roots will stay nice and deep and also to help prevent weed growth during the fall and winter months.

Re-seed as Needed

Sometimes, at the end of summer, you may find brown, bare patches on your lawn. This is often due to excessive dryness or drought. Extreme heat or the sun beating down in one particular spot can also lead to these patches of dry, dead grass. A good lawn care company will re-seed as appropriate in these areas so that you'll have nice grass growing there again in the spring. Professional landscaping companies know how to tell if an area needs re-seeding, how much seeding it requires, and exactly how to apply the new seed. That's why it's important to have one of them help out your lawn before summer officially draws to a close.

Don't Forget Weed Treatment

One final thing that should be handled professionally before summer is over is a weed treatment. Professional landscapers can find any weeds that have popped up in the summer and spray them away. That way, your lawn won't become overcrowded with weeds during the dormant fall and winter months.

Taking care of a lawn is a big job. That's why it's important to let professional landscapers help you, especially as the summer draws to a close and gives way to fall.

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