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Proper Sod Removal In Salt Lake City

29-Aug-2019 | by Scott Bennett

Removing sod in Salt Lake City may seem like a daunting task, however, it is much simpler than it seems. Here, we'll briefly break down the easiest ways to remove sod with a sod cutter, as well as manual removal, along with a few tips and tricks to get the job done. Planting grass in Utah is a breeze if you know what you're doing.

The easiest way to remove sod is with the use of a sod cutter. In simple terms, a sod cutter removes large sections of sod at the root in large sections. The bare ground is left underneath for new sod to be placed. There are different types of sod cutters that have varying levels of assistance. The simplest sod cutters require more manual labor. However, there are motorized sod cutters that can cut the amount of time and labor in half.

Removing Sod In Utah

When removing sod, you could also complete the task manually. This form of removal is a bit more labor-intensive, but still not extremely difficult. The best way to go at it is with a shovel and take out chunks. Experts in Salt Lake City recommend cutting the grass into squares and removing them one at a time. It is important to know how long the roots are so that you are able to remove all of them. If roots are left behind, then the grass can sprout and regrow in this area.

When planting grass in Utah, it may be beneficial to know how to transport sod. The best way to move sod is by placing it in rolls and gently rolling the sod inward from one end to the other, kind of like a Swiss roll. These rolls can then easily be placed in a truck bed for transport.

What To Do After You Cut It

After removing old sod, most people would like to replace it with new sod. The replacement of sod is fairly simple and just requires a bit of patience and time. Make sure that the soil surface is bare and free of roots. It is recommended that if you are using several rolls, then stagger them so that they don't make equal lines. To place on the soil, simply unroll the sod slowly and allow it to set on the soil. You can rent a roller from your local hardware store to allow the roots to mesh with the soil. The sod requires about 6 weeks to set, so it is important to not walk on it during that time period. Make sure to water it regularly to keep it moist and allow the roots to connect. After the 6 week period, you can mow the grass as you normally would.

Removing and replacing sod may seem like a difficult task, but if you follow these tips, it will be completed in no time. Don't stress about planting grass in Salt Lake City, you've got this!

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