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Pruning Your Trees In The Fall In South Jordan

14-Nov-2019 | by Scott Bennett

To make a long story short, don't prune your trees in the fall. Period, don't do it. Now when it comes to woody plants ( trees, shrubs, bushes), your average homeowner typically doesn't have a whole lot of knowledge, so let me explain a little about tree maintenance.

Why Not Prune in The Fall

Pruning in the fall when the tree is trying to shore up resources in the roots to survive the winter months, is only going to weaken the tree as the wound will not heal. Wounding can lead to the tree becoming diseased or so stressed that it dies, then you have a dead tree you have to remove from your property, which is expensive at times.

Tree pruning at any other time than spring is really for emergencies. For example, when there is an apparent dead branch that needs removing before it drops from the tree on its own.

Prune In The Spring

Tree pruning in South Jordan is pretty strictly a spring activity because that is when the plant is going to be actively growing. Pruning is wounding the tree even when done correctly by professional landscapers. Cutting during the active period ensures that the wound is actively healing.

Hiring A Professional Landscaper

We do recommend that you hire a professional to prune your trees. There is a lot of technical expertise and training that goes into correctly removing tree limbs that the majority of average homeowners don't have.

Hiring professional landscapers is recommended not only for safety but also to ensure that the pruning is done so that the tree can heal properly and doesn't wind up stressed or diseased. Local professional landscapers are a wealth of knowledge since they know the Salt Lake City, UT area, and how to care best for the species that grow locally as well as the local climate. These guys are key to having healthy and happy trees for years to come, so don't hesitate to reach out.

Fall Maintenance Tips In South Jordan

But there are things you can do for fall tree maintenance to make sure your tree returns to its' lush green in the warmer months. Raking, mulching, and watering are your go-to fall season activities to prepare for overwintering your trees.

  • Raking Leaves: Allowing leaves to decompose in a thick matt can create a reservoir for rot and other diseases to spread in your backyard. Toss them in the compost or shred them with a mower to speed up decomposition time.
  • Mulching: This can be done with anything from straw to shredded leaves. Mulch will protect your plants from the cold and provide the roots nutrients.
  • Watering: Watering deeply in the fall will allow for the tree to have water more readily available to them throughout the winter months so that they can come back vibrantly in the spring
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