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Prepare Your Lawn For The Winter In Sandy, UT

07-Nov-2019 | by Scott Bennett

With winter right around the corner, many homeowners are gearing up for chilly weather, inclement conditions, and festivities galore. However, one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of winter preparation is adequate lawn care. To ensure that your yard fares well during the winter months, here are some lawn care maintenance tips that residential landscapers endorse.

Keep Your Lawn Tidy

When cold days rear their ugly heads, many are keen to stay indoors. As a result, they neglect to take care of the outside of their homes. While it’s important to stay warm during wintertime, temporarily going outdoors to tend to your lawn isn’t a recipe for frostbite. With that said, if you notice stray garbage, toys, or logs in your yard, pick them up. Otherwise, your grass is liable to die. What’s more, this will make it easier when it’s time to mow your lawn.

Fertilize Your Lawn

Winter is prime time for fertilizing. Before the first freeze comes tumbling down, fertilize your lawn. As a result, your yard will receive the nutrients it needs to brave the winter. Unlike the warmer months, the fertilizer will remain in the soil throughout the winter. When spring finally arrives, your yard will look refreshed thanks to the fertilizer strengthening your lawn’s roots.

Cut Your Grass Short

Before bidding fall farewell, cut your grass shorter than usual. By doing so, you’ll keep pests at bay. Before doing this, you'll obviously want to take care of any fall leaf removal you need to do before mowing. When grass is too long, mice enjoy burrowing themselves in the thick layer of turf. Ridding these critters from your lawn can prove a major inconvenience, making it important to cut your grass short right before winter rolls around.

Limit Lawn Traffic

As your grass becomes shorter and browner, remember that walking on it doesn’t bode well for a healthy yard. In the hopes of maintaining your yard, avoid excessive lawn traffic at all costs. Though all grass is presumed to be resilient, it doesn’t hold up as well during the winter. By keeping your sidewalks and walkways clear of snow, you lessen the chances of people walking on your lawn.

Hiring A Professional Landscaping Company

If you lack the necessary expertise, tending to lawn care matters may be challenging. To save yourself the hassle, consider partnering with a residential landscaper. Employing the assistance of a professional landscaping service guarantees that the job gets done right. If you attempt to tackle these projects solo, you may wind up doing more harm than good.

For the sake of your lawn and your sanity, enlist the help of a landscape design company. From mulching and mowing to landscape design and trimming, these industry professionals are versed in numerous fields. If you reside in the Salt Lake City area and need help preparing your yard for the winter, working with a seasoned landscaper is your best bet.

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