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Tips For Harvesting Your Fall Vegetables In Salt Lake City

19-Sep-2019 | by Scott Bennett

A garden can look great for a landscape. Seeing flowers or growing vegetables in front of a house can make it look cozy and well-cared for. However, a garden that isn't tended to properly can actually become an eyesore. If you have a garden, then you could likely use a few gardening tips on how to harvest your Fall vegetables in the best way. This article will offer some of those tips.

1. Harvest Herbs Frequently

One of the first things that you should do is harvest herbs often. The more that you harvest from herbs, the more they produce. However, when harvesting your herbs, it's best to start with the oldest leaves on the bottom. This can keep the herb from being eaten by pests. Ants and other insects, as well as rodents, go for the leaves that are closest to the soil. By harvesting those leaves, you get to have them before the pests do.

This also cuts back on the number of pests in the garden. A landscaping company can further help make your garden pest-free, but performing this simple task can also aid you.

2. Cut Stems High

For those who grow broccoli or cauliflower, how high you cut the stems is important. By cutting the stems high, you might actually prompt the vegetable to sprout more heads later. Since you want to keep producing as much as possible, cutting the stem high can encourage the vegetable to keep growing. It can also encourage florets to emerge.

These are extremely nutritious parts of the plant. They also have great flavor. Following these gardening tips can ensure your future salads and meals are packed full of flavor as well as a good quantity of vegetables. Especially if you are planting a garden in Salt Lake City, you'll want to be careful of this step. 

3. Harvest In The Morning

Another tip to consider is harvesting in the morning. This is when the moisture is the highest in the vegetables. They also contain the most nutrients in the morning. Not only will the flavor be preserved, but you'll also encourage the plant to keep from wilting. To further keep your plants vigorous, run them under cool water.

4. Landscape Accordingly

With a bit of help from professional landscapers, you can create a garden that promotes a good harvest. This is done by careful placement of the garden for maximum sun exposure. A landscaping company can take a look at your entire yard and help you determine the best place for your garden. Sun exposure is important because the sun starts to wane during the Fall. Your vegetables need the sun in order to flourish. Professional landscapers can also make your garden look attractive.

5. Fill In Spaces

The more that you harvest, the more you'll notice that spaces are starting to emerge in the garden. You can amend this by planting fast-growing vegetables like radishes and even arugula. Once you notice spaces start to emerge, plant the seeds. You might just be able to harvest a few more plants before the cold can claim your vegetable garden.

Harvesting your fall vegetables can be easy by following these tips. By doing so, you can promote larger amounts that are harvestable. It also helps prepare the soil and garden for the next bout of harvesting once the soil warms

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