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Commercial Sprinkler and Irrigation Services

Total Landscape Management

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sprinkler irrigation service

Commercial Sprinkler Irrigation Service

Over the years, Total Landscape Management has proven to be a leader in the installation of high quality commercial irrigation systems. From basic installation in apartment complexes to more sophisticated systems in large athletic fields, our personnel have managed to remain a force to reckon with in the dynamic industry.

On approval, we will immediately embark on site analysis prior to tailor-making a system that fits the exact requirements.

We are aware of the varying needs out there; of the essential fact that every property and facility prompts its own specifications for the surrounding landscape to thrive. Our methods are quite effective, mainly because we find the best ways to keep costs reasonable, while achieving quality in the process. For instance, displacing water via a well-built drainage system is one way of keeping costs at a minimal while enhancing rainwater management.
It is of paramount importance to realize that poor drainage not only poses a concern for your lush landscape surroundings, but also can lead to extensive damage on your piece of property. This can only be resolved through naturally irrigating your landscape through eco-friendly means such as using rainwater and run-offs.
Irrigation Services:

Irrigation design & installation

Irrigation maintenance

Spring turn on


Drainage System Services:

Drain tile piping

Water management

Complete drainage systems

For over 9 years, Total Landscape Management has been at the forefront of providing commercial landscaping services in the Greater Salt Lake Area. We strive to offer customized services to each and every client for the primary reason that each project is not the same. It would be worth mentioning that we are locally owned. We are also fully insured and bonded meaning you need not worry about unforeseen additional costs during the project. Behind our success though, is a well-oiled machine consisting of highly qualified and consistent professionals.

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