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Commercial Landscape Design and Installation

Total Landscape Management

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There is no doubt that landscaping is extremely important in creating the right appearance to a property. Whether it is a commercial property, or a retail facility, few things can give the outside appearance more appeal. Your new customer gets only one chance at a first impression and it will be determined when they first drive up to your place of business.

The landscaping outside a business can create an ambiance that shows you care about the details. This will instill confidence in your customer that they can depend on you and your company. The right landscaping can show the pride you take in your business and this gives your staff greater pride in where they work. Taking this a step further, some companies add a break area with appealing landscaping and a comfortable patio for employees to enjoy their break time in the warmer months of the year.

It is not uncommon for great landscaping renovations to end up reducing the cost of ongoing maintenance. The savings can quickly pay the cost of the improvements.

Here at Total Landscape Management, we implement our vision of simple elegance to create landscaping that is artistically functional. It is our experience that in most cases, less is more. There is no need to over plant and so we do not do so. We provide just the right amount of accentuation’s that enhances the look of your building or office. It is our goal to give you landscaping that is colorful, while being easy to maintain.
We believe in serving the customer’s needs. So we speak with each client and listen to their input. Then we develop a customized landscaping plan that is designed to meet the client’s specific needs. We take the client’s needs and infuse them with our years of experience, to come up with the perfect plan. We then use our landscape imaging capabilities to show you exactly what it will all look like before we ever start on the project.

Certainly, there is no question that quality landscaping has to do with more than what meets the eye. For this reason, our experienced specialist here at Total Landscape Management, take great pride in giving you solutions to your landscaping needs by using the best and latest techniques. Even after all of that, we still go farther.
With over 9 years of professional business in the Greater Salt Lake area and over 25 years of experience in the industry, we have ample experience in bringing functional beauty to Utah businesses. We decided from the very start that customer service and satisfaction was a priority. It is our determination to have your needs met expeditiously and to ensure the work not only meets, but exceeds expectations.

Our work methods most often exceed, industry standards. When you contract Total Landscape Management, you will immediately be able to see the professionalism that our experience and skill brings to the work.

Total Landscape Management has strict standards of workmanship that help ensure only quality work is done. We strive to attend to customer service in a speedy and safe way.

With most clients we follow a systematic outline to make sure everything is considered before a job even begins.
  1. We begin by discussing the project in every detail with you. We do this to be certain we fully understand your needs and what it is you are looking to accomplish. We do not just listen, but as discussions take place, we add input from our experience to come up with a working plan that gives you what you want, while getting the best results.
  2. We then take your input and combine it with our knowledge to create a customized plan to meet specifications and budget.
  3. We then will submit a draft of the plan and cost involved. The work can be done in phases to help with cash flow and budget.
  4. Then we arrange a schedule to start the work.
  5. After all the work is completed we then check in with you to ensure complete satisfaction. We have a 24 hour call back policy so you can rest assured that service is our priority.

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