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Commercial Landscape Maintenance

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Tree Pruning

Trees have to be pruned regularly to remain healthy. Pruning is used to control the growth of a tree, improve fruit production and flowering, keep the tree healthy and improve its appearance.

It is best to prune a tree 2 to 5 years after planting it. A tree needs to be pruned yearly after that. You should have your trees pruned between the winter and the beginning of spring, ideally before the tree starts growing again. Pruning leaves wounds, which close much quicker during a growth spurt. Pruning just before a growth spurt is the best way to prevent pest and diseases from contaminating a tree.

Spring & Fall Cleanup

A spring or fall cleanup will make your landscape look great and will boost the health of your plant material. Here is a list of the services included in a spring or fall cleanup:

Removal of leaves and weeds in all landscape beds

Mechanical and hand edging

Pruning of all shrubs and ornamental trees under 15′ in height

Cutting back of all perennials

Granular fertilization of shrubs, ornamental trees and perennials

Pre-emergent herbicide application to all beds


Landscape beds can greatly benefit from mulching. Here are the benefits of applying mulch in landscape beds:

Prevent weed growth

Conserve moisture in the soil

Keep fruits, vegetables and flowers cleaner

Stabilize soil temperature

Add organic matter to soil

Add to property values

Lawn Care

Hiring experts to take care of your lawn is the best way to keep your lawn neat and healthy. Our lawn experts know how to properly care for lawns. We offer a lawn and turf care program at Total Landscape Management. This program is ideal for commercial customers who need a well-kept lawn. Here is what our lawn and turf care services include:

Mowing Services: You can rely on Total Landscape Management if you need comprehensive mowing or trimming services. We always use proper mowing techniques. We never mow under 2-1/2″ to keep your lawn healthy. A shorter lawn might not properly absorb water, which means you will have to spend more time watering your lawn during the summer. This technique allows for a healthy lawn and efficiently reduces the presence of weeds. If a lawn is cut too short, weeds will start growing everywhere.

It is possible to customize the mowing services we offer in function of your needs. You can choose to have your lawn mowed on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. We can offer edging of drives and walks on a monthlybasis, string trimming, and blowing of any hard surface area. Our employees are dedicated to providing high quality customer service. They always act in a polite and professional manner. We are known for our high standards and quality workmanship.

Relying on Total Landscape Management will help you save a lot of time on lawn care. Besides, your lawn will look amazing!
Chemical Fertilizer: Sometimes, lawns need a little boost to become healthier. We can select the right nutrients for your lawn, and apply fertilizer during changing seasons to promote root growth.

Aeration Services: Proper core aeration is crucial to the health of your lawn. The purpose of aeration is to control thatch, provide roots with new pockets where they can grow, make it easier for water and fertilizer to reach the deeper layers of the soil and improve the soil structure.

Aeration is a process that consists in extracting small cores from the soil. Each core is no longer than 1 to 3 inches. Water is then used to melt the cores back into the lawn. The small holes allow water and fertilizer to reach deeper layers of the soil. Roots will then start growing towards these pockets filled with water and become stronger. Water, oxygen and fertilizer will move more freely into the soil thanks to the pressure relieved by these holes.

Aeration is needed once or twice a year if your lawn grown on a heavy clay soil (like on most properties in Utah) or if your lawn needs to be thicker.

Sod Installations: Installing sod is your best option if you need an instant lawn. Sod installation is a good way to avoid issues with mud, weeds or with soil erosion. Lawn will grow before the end of the growing season if the sod is properly installed.

Your lawn care specialist will be able to recommend the best sod for your property. Choosing sod installation is more expensive at first compared to grass seed. However, growing a lawn from seeds will end up costing the same since you will have to over-seed during the spring and fall directly after the first seeding in order to grow a thicker lawn.

It is necessary to prepare the soil before installing a sod. Organic matter is used to make the soil retain more moisture while retaining its draining properties. Aeration is needed to foster microbial activity. Deep watering is needed once the sod is installed. The water needs to reach at least 6 inches under the sod.

Seed Lawn Installations: Seeds are usually very affordable and can be used on large areas as long as the soil has been prepared. Make sure you buy the best seeds available to you. You will come across seed mixtures such as Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass or tall fescue but the quantities used vary from one mixture to another.

We use a mixture of topsoil and compost to amend your soil and cultivate it on at least 4″. It is best to remove any surface debris that might keep the lawn from growing properly.

Tree And Shrub Services

The Tree and Shrub Care program offered by Total Landscape Management is designed for commercial customers. Our landscape specialists can identify different diseases and decide on the best treatment plan. Maintenance, climatic and pest problems can also be addresses.

Healthy trees and shrubs can do a lot for the curb appeal of your business. A great-looking landscape is an investment since healthy trees and shrubs will continue growing in the years to come. It is in your best interest to keep pest away. Our landscape specialists will know how to recognize the specific challenges you are facing and will know how to control these issues.

A customized program will be developed for your trees and shrubs. This program will be designed to address your specific needs, keep your landscape safe from pest and diseases and enhance it. This program includes regular visits as well as the use of the very best materials and products available.

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