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UTAH Commercial Landscaping

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Professional Commercial Landscaping Services In Utah

It is undeniable that first impressions can be made or broken by the quality of landscaping surrounding your business. The team at Total Landscape Management knows how critical this initial image is, and we provide a whole host of commercial landscape maintenance and design service to help you achieve the best possible appearance. We do much more than just mow lawns and clean up shrubbery. We employ highly trained horticulturists and gardening professionals who understand which plants, trees and ornamental shrubs will suit a wide array of soil types and conditions. For these reasons, we have a solid track record of keeping our clients’ landscapes in top condition on a year-round basis.

Because we are charged with maintaining facilities and businesses across the Salt Lake Valley, it is safe to assume that we have encountered just about every Utah commercial landscaping situation imaginable.

Season-Specific Care

It is our goal to make our clients’ properties look their absolute best, no matter the time of year. Thus, we start the gardening year with a comprehensive cleanup in the spring which includes freshening of mulched landscaping. Once the warmer weather hits, we shift into a weekly service schedule that encompasses mowing, flower bed maintenance, weeding, debris duty as well as routine fertilization, pruning, aerating and pest control. Fall cleanup completes the seasonal rotation, and it involves cutting back perennial plants and preparing the landscape for the coming winter. Once you have a seasonal plan with Total Landscape Management established, you need not be concerned about staying on top of scheduling services. Our maintenance program runs on an automatic basis, allowing you to direct your attentions to other pressing business concerns.

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