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Sprinkler Blowout & Winterization

When you own a commercial property, it is extremely important to ensure all landscape irrigation systems are working properly. This is especially true when you are preparing the system for the winter. The last thing you need when you turn on the system in the spring are problems with your landscape irrigation. We have your answer! Total Landscape Management has been building and servicing landscape irrigation systems for more than thirty years and we will get it right!

Every irrigation or sprinkler system should be properly winterized to prevent problems when it is turned on in the spring. If your irrigation or sprinkler system is not properly winterized, it can result in broken pipes and severe damage to both your lawn and your system. Winterizing an irrigation or sprinkler system takes specialized skills. This is why we recommend you hire a professional and experienced irrigation and sprinkler specialist to winterize your system.

It is important that you understand the difference between a low-cost, inferior blow out and a thorough, quality solution. Knowing the difference can save you a great deal of money and a ton of headaches. Any commercial property manager should ask the following questions before hiring a company to perform a blow out and winterization on their irrigation or sprinkler system:

How long has the company been providing sprinkler blow outs? What is their experience?

Are they insured?

Are they properly licensed to operate in your jurisdiction?

Will they provide a written guarantee against any damage that may occur when you turn on the system in the spring?

Is there a company website providing customer reviews of their service. Do they list a warranty or guarantee that they will stand behind their winterization work on their website?

It is important that every property manager get their irrigation or sprinkler system treated as early as possible before winter sets in. As the weather gets colder, there is more potential for damage from frozen water in the pipes.

Total Landscape Management provides the more professional service in the Greater Salt Lake Area. We have been in business more than nine years. Our company guarantees a personalized solution for every customer’s project. Our company is locally owned and operated. We are licensed, certified, bonded, and insured. Our landscape irrigation experts will complete your project with the utmost professionalism. Each member of our professional team will treat your project with the greatest respect and care.

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