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Don’t Let Christmas Decorations Damage Your Lawn

Although they’re fun and festive, Christmas decorations can also be the cause of serious lawn damage. Follow these simple lawn care steps to make sure that you have green and healthy grass in the spring.

Use Decorations Sparingly

Every decoration that you place has a small chance of damaging your lawn. To prevent this from happening, stick to a moderate display with a few tasteful decorations that you really like. Although it can be fun to put up as many decorations as possible, you won’t enjoy the extra lawn care when spring rolls around.

If you need advice about creating a tasteful display, try asking your landscaping company. They can help you come up with something amazing that works with the layout of your yard.

Don’t Use Heavy Decorations

Decorations that weigh a lot tend to put unnecessary pressure on your lawn. Avoid large and heavy decorations that are difficult to set up and move around. When in doubt, stick to lights and inflatables; these decorations are popular for a reason.

On the same note, stake-type decorations should be used sparingly. You don’t want to place a ton of holes in your grass, so choose areas wisely to minimize the damage. Consider placing these decorations at the edge of your grass or in spots that you’re already planning to re-seed in the spring.

Move Inflatables Every Few Days

Grass needs exposure to air and sunlight to stay alive. If you leave a large decoration over a patch of grass for several weeks, the area below the decoration will become starved for sunlight and can turn brown in response. Inflatables cover wide surface areas, so they’re often the cause of unexpected brown patches on an otherwise healthy lawn.

The solution is to move your inflatables around every few days. Shifting the inflatable a few feet to the side lets the first patch of grass have a chance to breathe. Move your inflatables more often when the weather is good so that every inch of grass can get some sunshine.

Set Lights on a Timer

Many professional landscapers will tell you that foot traffic is terrible for your lawn. Every footstep smashes the grass and causes a small amount of damage that can build up over time.

If you’re walking across the lawn every night to turn on your lights and decorations, you could be doing more damage than you think. The solution is to set up an automatic timer for all of your lights. In addition to saving your lawn, you’ll also be saving time and electricity.

Take Decorations Down Carefully

Lawn decorations that are left to sit will inevitably do damage. So if you’re were looking for an excuse to take down your decorations in a timely manner, the safety of your lawn is definitely great motivation.

Most professional landscapers recommend moving your decorations or taking them down after two weeks. You might be able to get away with leaving them up for an entire month, but any longer will create brown spots that are hard to repair. Take your decorations down after the new year – your lawn will thank you.

If you forgot to follow these tips and ended up with brown patches anyway, don’t worry about it. A professional landscaping company will be able to treat your grass and bring it back to life. Call in the professionals as soon as you notice damage; the quicker you act, the easier it will be to restore your lawn.