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Residential Sod

Total Landscape Management provides a complete range of professional sod services. We are fully committed to fulfilling our client’s needs for their residential property. Our skilled team will assist you with soil preparation, sod removal and several other specialized installation options. We have been active in the landscape and commercial development community for a long period of time, and we provide cost efficient services that produce the best results within your budget. Total Landscape Management is capable of providing the following sod services for your home.

Commercial Small Roll Sod Installations

Our small sod rolls are two feet wide and five feet long. A roll weighs about 40 lbs. This makes them a perfect option for areas where a big roll grass sod is not accessible. We plan and prep well in advance to guarantee the best possible installation. We keep an eye on every little detail while performing our job, which includes:

The marking all valve boxes and sprinkler heads within all the areas to be sodded.

We guarantee that all the pieces of your larger landscaping project are put together in a logistical and efficient manner, and we are especially mindful if there are areas that have unfinished landscaping.

We make sure to remove all yard items from the sodding area, so as to waste no time during the installation process.

As an experienced company, we advise and coordinate with our valuable clients to keep all traffic off the new lawn for at least 30-days after the installation process. This helps the new lawn to settle properly.

We will water the lawn during installation, and immediately after installation if it is an extremely warm day.

We always leave our worksites more beautiful than we found them in the first place. This is a major part of our job.

Sod Removal

Sod removal and replacement is highly recommended for lawn areas that are affected by watering issues, insects, dog damage, fungus or any other issues. If you plan to change things a bit or consider a new landscaping theme, the best way to achieve it is through sod removal for redesign.

Soil Preparation

Soil preparation is one of the most important aspects when planning for a new lawn. This will ensure that your new lawn will last for many years to come.

When you hire us to prepare your soil, you can have peace of mind knowing that we will rototill the soil and add suitable compost as necessary to prepare your yard for the best possible results prior to installation. We also wrap up the process with a fine grading before the sod is installed.

Finish Grading

Drainage is one of the most important factors to the success of a commercial sod process. Your new sod will thrive on well-drained sites as well as perish on poorly drained sites. We recommend finish grading for all commercial projects before sod installation operations. The finish grading ensures that your project is able to get rid of the standing water. It will also help achieve ideal surface drainage.

The finish grade should be as smooth as possible since the sod will conform to whatever grade it is installed on. The soil that is on the edges of walkways, sidewalks and parking areas should be about half an inch below the edge of the concrete. This will help create a smooth transition after installation.

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