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Residential Hardscape

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Residential Hardscape

Hard elements can bring symmetry between the house and garden and further define your outdoor space. The beauty of your landscaping can be enhanced with stonescapes, outdoor structures, and pavers. Hardscapes help create functionality while beautifying the architecture of your outdoor environment. This is where the residential hardscapes built by Total Landscape Management come in handy. In fact, they are real works of art.

Each of our unique designs use, texture, color and dimension to bring elegance to the finished project. The highly skilled and experienced crew of Total Landscape Management can install stamped & colored concrete, patios, paved pathways, stonewalls, boulders, and flagstone. Some of our popular residential hardscaping services include:





Wood decks


Pool decks


Stacked stone walls


Paver and stonework

Retaining walls

Contemporary landscape designs always include some amount of hardscaping. Hardscaping is defined as the addition of hard (non-plant) elements into a landscape design. It can be a paver, stone or bricks to create a walkway, patio, garden border or a retaining wall.

When you plan to incorporate a hardscape installation into a general landscape design, you should be careful to minimize the additional time required for the overall project. At Total Landscape Management, our staff has a great deal of experience in hardscape installations. We employ only reputable installers and use high quality materials. We have experience in successfully installing garden borders, small retaining walls, walkways, patios, “dry stack” stone garden walls and much more.

Today’s hardscape materials are available in a great variety of colors, sizes, shapes and patterns. We take into account the imaginations of our customers when it comes to adding hardscapes in their gardens. There are thousands of creative possibilities available to you in this regard. Call us now for a free consultation and estimate for your individual project requirements.

Walks & Paver Patios

Total Landscape Management provides award winning paver work and complete landscaping design and installations. Our creative solutions will help enhance the beauty of your home and garden for years to come.

Our patio guys specialize in converting ordinary backyards into private retreats for our valuable clients. Our designers will work closely with you to blend your requirements with their years of experience and education. They will ensure that your new patio creates the right atmosphere for entertaining friends and relaxing with your family. Total Landscape Management provides you with the opportunity to visualize your finished project even before we start the project.

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