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Snow and Its Effect on Landscaping

Snow can be incredibly beautiful. Watch the flakes come down is peaceful and relaxing. Snow coats everything in your backyard in a haze of lovely white. At the same time, while snow is nice, it can also present all kinds of problem for homeowners. Snow can make it hard on your landscaping as any professional landscaper can tell you. While it is useful in protecting your plants against the cold, keep in mind it can cause all kinds of issues. You might be facing problems such as a breakdown in the structure of your landscaping and lack of water. A landscaping company can help. The professional landscaper knows exactly to do keep everything on your property in good working order all year long.

Added Weight

One issue that might arise when it comes to snow in your yard is that of added weight. Too much weight on the tree branches, for example, can send them crashing down when you’re not expecting it. This can be very scary when it happens to you. It’s a good idea to have a landscaping company in Sandy have a good look at your property before winter begins. They can see which branches may be in danger of falling down even after a brief dusting. Clipping them now can increase safety and decrease your worries when the snow starts.

Root Damage

Over time, plants develop roots. These roots allow the plants to feed off the soil. That makes it possible for the plants to find the nutrients they need to grow. As the snow falls, it can cause problems with root damage at the source. A prolonged snow fall can also make it hard for plants to recover over the summer and flourish when the weather is better.

Reduced Flowers and Fruit

Damage to that part of the garden may result in fewer flowers and other kinds of items for the homeowner to enjoy. Many people love gathering fresh produce they’ve grown from seed in their backyard. A really heavy snowfall late in the season can cause all kinds of problems if the plants and trees have already started to respond to the warmer weather. They may develop excessive water on top of very delicate leaves. This can make it hard for the plants to get access to the amount of sunlight they need for optimal growth.

Drying Out

Paradoxically, too much snow in Sandy can actually dry out plants. When it snows, this can make it hard for plants to get access to the kind of water they need. Water is locked behind ice and snow in a form that is not usable to the plants. This means that plants can be under a form of water and yet they can die off from lack of access to any form of moisture. A series of snowfalls can be quite disastrous if they are on the ground after a long period of time. Snow may seem benevolent but it is not.