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Winterizing Your Sprinkler System In Salt Lake City

17-Oct-2019 | by Scott Bennett

If you haven't winterized your sprinkler system yet here in Utah then you better do it soon. We have already had some below-freezing temperatures and more are on the way. If you don't winterize your sprinkler system in Salt Lake City you run the risk of damage and malfunction of your sprinkler system when you turn your system back on in the spring. While we love working to make your landscape design beautiful, we would hate to have to rip it apart in order to repair broken sprinklers.

Potential Harm From Not Winterizing Your Sprinklers

The biggest risk you run when you do not winterize your sprinkler system in Utah is the breaking of pipes in your system. Water flows all through the pipes of your irrigation system and when it is not running the water just sits there. If that water isn't removed before sub-freezing temperatures hit, the water within the pipes will freeze. As water freezes it expands in size and can potentially burst the pipes or hardware of your residential or commercial sprinkler system

Once a pipe breaks or there is any kind of leak in your system repairs begin to get very expensive. At this point we begin digging up landscaping and ripping out damaged pipes. This process can be lengthy and expensive and any professional landscaper will tell you that it is much better to avoid this kind of project at all costs. Well, the cost of it here is winterizing your sprinkler system. 

Winterizing With Different Landscape Designs

An experienced professional landscaping company will be able to winterize your sprinkler system regardless of your landscape design. In extreme cases or cases of irrigation systems that cover massive plots of land it can be a little bit trickier but still nothing that a pro wouldn't be able to handle. There are three typical ways to winterize your pipes. A manual drain, an automatic drain valve, and an air blowout. All of these will work but most of the time and air blowout is your best option. Talk to an experience landscaper in Salt Lake City about your property and they will be able to give you the best advice when it comes to your specific sprinkler system.

At the end of the day, it is always better to be over prepared than under prepared. Like most things around your house, there is a small upfront charge, but it is nothing compared to the amount you will spend repairing any damages. Unlike a lot of the stuff around your house this isn't an option of good, better, best or "extra precautions". If you don't winterize your pipes, the water in there WILL freeze. 100% guaranteed. So, get your pipes winterize and put your mind at ease this winter. 

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