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Does Ice Melt Damage Grass In Utah?
By Scott Bennett   |   23-Jan-2020

Are you worried about damaging your lawn with harsh chemicals and salt during the winter months? Are you tired of seeing that familiar strip of...

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Build Your Rain Garden to Reduce Your Snow/Rain Runoff
By Scott Bennett   |   16-Jan-2020

When rain falls in large amounts, the water can cause problems in a neighborhood. If your yard is positioned unluckily, runoff water out of your...

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Tips For DIY Landscaping Projects In Sandy
By Scott Bennett   |   09-Jan-2020

Making your yard an easy to enjoy extension of your home takes landscape design skills not everyone has. Luckily, there are lots of DIY tricks...

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How To Care For Your Lawn In The Winter In Sandy
By Scott Bennett   |   02-Jan-2020

When winter comes and the weather turns cold, your lawn may be the last thing on your mind. If you don’t already have residential lawn...

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Don't Let Christmas Decorations Damage Your Lawn
By Scott Bennett   |   26-Dec-2019

Although they're fun and festive, Christmas decorations can also be the cause of serious lawn damage. Follow these simple lawn care steps to make sure...

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