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Common Mistakes When Hiring a Commercial Landscaping Company

Commercial landscape management can have significant impact and benefits on your business or organization. It is important to ensure that you hire a commercial landscaper or landscaping company that offers what you need, however. Follow the tips below to learn mistakes that should be avoided when hiring a landscaping company.

Gardening Trends to Look Forward to in 2020

In 2020, more and more people are beginning to understand the therapeutic effects of nature and are focusing their efforts on making their garden a good space for all: themselves, their guests, animals, and the environment.

Planning Your Backyard Landscape Design

Spring is right around the corner here in Sandy, Utah (at least we hope.) A backyard is a place for intense delight and enjoyment here during the warm months. Everyone wants a backyard that serves many purposes.

Benefits of Commercial Landscaping Management

Most businesses and many homeowners will often hire a professional landscaping company to manage the grounds. Personally landscaping is a difficult and time-consuming endeavor, and anyone is who familiar with it will say that it is no small feat. Hiring a commercial landscaping company will provide professional services for a more cost-effective and convenient solution.

From trimming hedges to installing lights, commercial landscape management offers businesses an array of services to help provide a better, aesthetic landscape. Some research has shown that nicely presented landscaping can have benefits for people such as increased mood and productivity and can even help boost business.


Trimming and Cleaning

One of the most common services that a commercial landscaper provides is trimming weeds, hedges and trees to maintain a presentable environment, beneficial for customers, employees and homeowners alike.

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance is provided as well and includes services such as cutting grass and leaf-blowing when the colder seasons arrive. Most professional landscaping companies will also fertilize and tend to the grass and greenery during the warmer months of the year.

Planting Design

Landscapers are able to plant any flowers, shrubs and trees that the business or client wishes in order to help create a better-looking and more welcoming environment. Nice, attractive landscaping can be an inviting and pleasing addition to any business

Lighting and Aesthetics

Most people tend to think of cutting the grass or weed whacking when it comes to landscaping but commercial landscaping companies can provide services for non-botanical purposes as well. These commercial landscapers can install lights as well as help design and install walkways and even patios.

Benefits Of Good Landscaping

Maintaining a well-groomed landscape can come with a range of benefits for both businesses and its potential customers, and a professional landscaper will make sure that the landscape is nice and presentable.

Economic Advantage

From business appeal to reducing energy costs, effective landscaping can help create economic advantages for any business. People tend to spend more at businesses that they perceive as good, and a attractive landscape that a commercial landscaping company can provide will ensure that the business looks competent and of a high standard.

Research done by Virginia Tech shows that effective placement of trees and other landscaping elements can create shade and help the cooling system operate up to four percent more efficiently. This means that investing in a commercial landscape management can result in energy efficiency as well.

Improved Productivity and Morale

Other studies also show that employees can be more productive when they are around natural elements. So having well-designed patios with aesthetic greenery and flowers can boost morale and lead to more productive work. If you feel your home or business can use a professional landscaper for you landscaping needs, feel free to contact us today.

Does Grass Still Grow in The Winter?

Grass can grow in the winter provided the conditions are right. The average minimum temperature required for grass growth and seed germination is between 46-50 degrees Fahrenheit, and some species can grow in temperatures as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit

Snow and Its Effect on Landscaping

Snow can be incredibly beautiful. Watch the flakes come down is peaceful and relaxing. Snow coats everything in your backyard in a haze of lovely white. At the same time, while snow is nice, it can also present all kinds of problem for homeowners.

Does Ice Melt Damage Grass in Utah?

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