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Gardening Trends to Look Forward to in 2020

In 2020, more and more people are beginning to understand the therapeutic effects of nature and are focusing their efforts on making their garden a good space for all: themselves, their guests, animals, and the environment. A professional landscaper can help you with your ideal landscape design, making your experience simple and cost-effective. Here are some of this year’s trends that will help enhance your gardening experience.

Low Maintenance Designs

A great way to keep your garden bright is to layer flowering plants with carefully planted shrubs with colorful foliage. This creates a long-lasting beauty. A professional landscaper can help you choose designs that require less landscape maintenance. Another solution gardeners are turning to is technology. If you aren’t great at remembering to water your plants, there are self-watering pots you can try. There’s also plenty of products that help maintain indoor plants, such as grow lights. There are even light meter apps you can download that can help you ensure your light source is right for your plant.

Utah-Friendly Plants

Another trend is choosing plants that offer more than simple beauty. In your landscape design, look for plants that not only delight the eyes but also the nose. Place your more fragrant plants near where you spend the most time so you can enjoy it. Another fun double feature is if your plants provide food. Make a dinner party memorable by allowing your guests to pick their fresh ingredients. You can grow things like berries, veggies, or herbs that can be used in a meal-making time together. Vining plants can be placed strategically up a wall that normally gets a lot of heat from the sun. The plant can act as a buffer and help cool your space. And finally, many plants double as mosquito repellents, which becomes very helpful on summer nights.


As we become more aware of the effects of our consumerism, many gardeners are looking for ways to add to their garden using items they already have. When it’s time for some landscape maintenance, don’t just pitch old items. Planters can be made out of frames, old or cracked decorations, rusted wheelbarrows, old garden tools, and wine bottles, just to name a few.

Relaxing Water

Adding water to your garden instantly adds a relaxing quality. You can benefit from the soothing sounds of a fountain and the reflective and sparkly beauty. And birds are more likely to visit and stay a little while if you add a birdbath.

Install An Accent Wall

Small space occupants have found that utilizing wall space can greatly increase their ability to incorporate some green in their living areas. This can be inside by hanging planters on walls, or even outside using a fence. Some great tools can help, like wrought iron planter rings, wall planters to create a waterfall effect, and living wall kits.

Regardless of what you choose to bring your garden into 2020, make it your own. Cater it to your needs and preferences, and you can’t go wrong.