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What Services Do Professional Landscapers Provide?

Professional landscapers offer a wide variety of services to their customers. Some people make the mistake of assuming these companies only provide common jobs such as mowing lawns and trimming trees. In reality, your average landscaping company has a suite of special services available for any client. Let’s explore some of the different services that professional landscapers provide for their clientele base.

Commercial Landscapers vs Residential Landscapers

Most companies offer landscape management for both commercial and residential clients. This means that landscapers provide similar services for a normal, suburban home and a large commercial complex like a store. There are some companies that will specialize in one of these areas, but many professionals offer both as an option. It doesn’t matter whether you own the biggest store in town or the smallest home on the block, these professionals will be more than happy to handle your landscape management.

Landscape Maintenance

This is the service most people associate with landscaping companies. Yards that have already been designed and installed still require maintenance since grass, trees, and other shrubbery continue to grow each day. To help keep lawns looking manicured, landscapers offer maintenance services such as lawn mowing, tree and brush trimming, weed-whacking, leaf blowing, and much more. Without this maintenance, all of the original work done on a lawn would be lost.

Landscape Installation

If you have an idea of how you want your lawn or garden to look but aren’t sure about how to go about bringing that concept to life, then a professional landscaper in Sandy is exactly who you need. These professionals will meet with you to design your ideal yard. Whether you want a bubbling boulder, a makeshift waterfall, a Zen garden, or anything else, landscapers have the tools and expertise to make it happen. They’ll guide you along each step of the process to bring your ideas to life.


A sprinkler system is one of the best lawn maintenance strategies in which to invest. While the rainier months might provide enough moisture to keep your grass growing thick and green, it’s the drier months that can really cause damage to your lawn. A landscaping company understands this perfectly well and can install a commercial-grade sprinkler system in your home or store’s lawn to keep everything properly hydrated.


There are many instances when it’s necessary to put sod down. If you’ve recently moved into a new home, renovated your store’s front lawn, or suffered significant damage from a storm, your yard may require some new grass. Instead of planting seeds and waiting for months until your lawn returns to its prior beauty, simply work with a skilled landscaper who can help with soil preparation and sod installation to get your lawn back to normal much quicker. Concrete Concrete is an integral part of any aesthetic and well-maintained lawn. Private homes need sturdy and appealing driveways and walking paths. Commercial properties typically require larger concrete projects on their property. Regardless of the size or scope of the task, a professional landscaper can help you prep your yard and pour the perfect amount of concrete to fit your needs.