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Hardscaping In The Winter In Salt Lake City

28-Nov-2019 | by Scott Bennett

Late fall into early winter is great time for residential and commercial hardscape projects. This time of year is generally when a landscaping company slows down. As soon as fall cleanups are completed, many companies turn their attention to snow plowing. Alas, there is a window of time when the weather is not cold enough for snow and grass doesn’t need mowing.

This a good time to schedule a hardscape project. Hardscaping includes driveways, walkways, decorative retaining walls, terraces, and other masonry, concrete, and stone improvements. Here are some of the benefits to scheduling and performing hardscape projects during the colder months.

Cost Effective

During the fall and winter months a professional professional landscaper may be willing to take on projects at a discounted price. No one wants to have to temporarily lay off workers. Most landscaping businesses are looking for projects to keep crews busy and on the payroll.

Winter hardscape projects can generally be completed faster and more efficiently than in the warmer months when workloads are at an all-time high. A professional landscaper can allocate more manpower to each job. Most clients are satisfied with the attention they receive during fall and winter.

Less Impact on Surrounding Landscape

It is no surprise that hardscaping in Utah can possibly damage lawns, gardens, shrubs, and trees. Masonry materials require onsite space for storage of same. Often, living landscapes are subjected to damage from pallets, plywood, and runoff from mixing concrete. During winter, grass and plantings are dormant and aren’t impacted as easily from these intrusions.

All Set for Spring & Summer

It makes complete sense to schedule your hardscape improvements in winter so when spring rolls around you are ready to start enjoying that new terrace right away with no down time. It is awesome to be able to step outside as soon as the temperatures rise, the sun sets later, and the fresh air is calling you to enjoy your new surroundings.

Curb Appeal and Low Maintenance

One of the best things you can do to increase your property value is to add curb appeal with attractive and practical hardscapes and lush landscapes. Hardscapes installed by a professional landscaping company can instantly improve your property. Heads will turn and friends and neighbors will take notice.

Well maintained plantings are lovely. However, hardscapes often add a visual impact or backdrop that helps the greenery to pop. The added benefit is that hard surfaces require much less maintenance than living elements. In fact, they pretty much don’t ask for any care other than to hose them off or seal them periodically.

Talk To A Landscape Professional

As winter approaches, consider giving a shout out to your professional and reliable landscaping company for advice and an estimate for a hardscape installation. We can help you in the planning phases and through the installation process.

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