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Tips For DIY Landscaping Projects in Sandy

Making your yard an easy to enjoy extension of your home takes landscape design skills not everyone has. Luckily, there are lots of DIY tricks you can use to get started. Or, have a landscaping company break ground first and then come in with the finishing touches.

Depending on what you live, your yard could look very different in the summer than in the winter. You want your yard to be attractive during every season but especially when you plan to spend time there. Make sure the variety of plants and shrubs you choose offer flowers and foliage during all seasons.

One simple trick professional landscapers use to make their gardens hit that highest mark is to layer flower beds. This means considering the height each plant tends to grow. Put your tallest plants in the back of the bed, medium plants in the middle, and short ones in the front.

DIY Landscaping Projects

Lots of DIY landscapers are drawn to shrubs and bushes with the prettiest flowers or ones that change color in the fall. These draw your eyes but don’t discount the evergreens! While not the showstoppers, they provide background and continuity that makes your stars shine.

Some landscaping decisions are long-term but others give you the opportunity to create something a little new each year. While these allow you to be creative, they also don’t usually bloom for more than one season so make sure you have plants that will be in bloom every month of growing season and not just all at once.

When you start considering landscape design for your yard, it’s easy to get lost in shopping for plants! There are so many exciting green and living options to choose from. Don’t forget to think about how your house, other buildings, furniture, and structures like fences fit into your overall design. They aren’t just backdrops; they can be tied in to be essential elements of your design. Many homeowners are daunted by the idea of putting in their own fountain or pond. Luckily, there are lots of DIY instructors online who can help you do it. Don’t nix the idea of hiring a landscaping company in Sandy, UT, either. For something permanent like a water feature, hiring a pro can be the easiest, fastest, and best way to get a long-lasting quality pond or fountain.

When Is It Worth Talking To Professional Landscapers?

It’s common for do-it-yourself landscapers to focus too much on element, such as color. There are many aspects of design professional landscapers consider when designing. For instance, the form and texture of plants can have a big impact on the overall look you create. Consider the different shapes and textures your plants create and make sure to have both variety and continuity. There’s no shame in wanting your yard to be low maintenance! In fact, knowing how much time and care you can give is an important practical thing to consider when planning. With that in mind, pick plants that you will be able to keep healthy.

Drought resistant plants are a great way to be successful with your yard when you don’t have a lot of time or expertise. Plus, they are more likely to keep looking great throughout the whole summer instead of just during the rainy spring.

Last but not least, get to know the plants you are choosing. What kind of soil does each like? What are its needs as far as sunlight? All the info you need can be found online or in a basic gardening book and this little bit of prep will help you succeed.