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What Do Professional Landscapers Do in The Winter?

To paraphrase an old saying, A lawn may grow from sun to sun, but a landscaper’s work is never done. Winter is not a time when landscapers go into hibernation like shrubs, flowers and trees. Although there is a lot less that can be done due to the cold weather in Sandy, UT there is still quite a bit that landscapers can do in order to help keep your property looking nice. 

The Winter Life of Professional Landscapers

Even when all the leaves are gone and the ground is covered in snow, there is still work for landscapers to do. Professional landscapers know as soon as temperatures drop it is time to prepare for winter. Usually, their first task is to maintain their summer landscaping equipment so it can be stored and ready for use in spring. When that job is done, winter work schedules begin.

The Job of Raking and Other Lawn Maintenance

The very thought of property owners having to grab a rake and gather up piles and piles of leaves loses its ability to charm the minute backs ache start.

Since it is far easier to work smarter and not harder, this is a job that can be done by professional landscapers in half the time and with state-of-the-art equipment.

In the blink of an eye, your landscaping company saves lawns and gardens from the fate of burial in piles of foliage that cause root rot and plant death.

Meanwhile, your landscaping experts tend to the job of protecting lawns and gardens with the best type of mulch to make the landscape look neat and attractive.

Keeping Your Landscape Design Attractive From Season to Season

In fall and winter, landscapers inspect the health and condition of trees and shrubs, remove dead branches and twigs and if required, apply plant food for the oncoming winter’s protection that keeps soil from dehydrating far beneath the surface. All of which is a cost-effective way to maintain your landscape design.

Another of the services offered by your landscaping company is pressure washing of exterior siding, wrapping shrubs and trees in burlap and draining sprinkler systems to avoid pipes bursting should they freeze when temperatures drop.

Don’t forget gutters should also be cleaned of leaves, twigs and other debris. Landscapers do this job far more safely and effectively than homeowners. If you need tree removal, late fall is the best time to do that. There is less foliage to deal with and it takes less time to take trees down and remove stumps while soil is not frozen.

The First Snowfall

Landscapers work closely with nature and know the damaging effects frost, ice and snow have on plants and trees. When the first snowfall occurs, it is time to contact your landscaping company to remove ice plates that form around your trees and shrubs and cause damage.

This is also a good time to forego the labor-intensive job of shoveling snow. A full compliment of landscaping services from Total Landscape Management saves homeowners time and gives the landscape design added curb value to your home. 

For more details on improving your landscape, preparing it for winter, setting up holiday lights and removal and avoiding the winter snow shoveling blues, visit our blog to get a head start on your winter landscaping needs.