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Blow Out & Winterization

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Residential Sprinkler Blowout & Winterization

With any piece of property equipped with sprinkler systems or other irrigation equipment, the water system adds significantly to the property’s overall value. If you want to maintain this positive value and keep your home in good working order, it’s always a good idea to rely of professional assistance when it’s time to winterize your sprinklers. Working with reliable experts insures that your irrigation system weathers the cold months safely and is ready to provide full service as soon as spring comes and temperatures start to rise.

If you skip the winterizing process, (commonly called “blow out” in the industry) you could face serious problems when spring rolls around. Burst or damaged sprinkler pipes don’t just knock your irrigation system out of action; they can also present serious risks to your property and landscaping. Relatively minor flooding can ruin plantings, kill lawns, and even cause structural damage. The hassle and expense of cleaning up this kind of mess is more than enough to justify the value of hiring experts to handle your winterizing needs.

There are a lot of different companies that offer sprinkler blow out services, many with extremely affordable pricing. As a responsible homeowner, make sure you answer these questions before you make any financial commitments:

How much experience does the company have with blow out services?

Does the company carry insurance?

Will the company guarantee their work to minimize the financial risk you face in the event of damage?

Is the company properly licensed to do business?

Can the company’s employees answer all your questions about sprinkler winterization?

Does the company have positive references from past customers or positive online reviews?

While this is an important decision that deserves careful thought on your part, you also need to act quickly. Delaying the winterization process increases the risk of suffering ice damage, and you don’t want to leave your blow out job until the last minute.

With 25 years of residential and commercial landscaping experience, Total Landscape Management can handle all of your landscaping needs, including blow out and sprinkler winterization services. Licensed, certified, bonded, and insured, we deliver only the highest levels of professional service to our customers.

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