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Commercial Sprinkler and Irrigation Installation

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Commercial Sprinkler Drip Systems

For the maintenance of commercial landscapes that feature delicate plants and shrubbery, drip irrigation is an ideal way to keep the greenery healthy. If you own commercial property, investing a drip irrigation system is an excellent idea. Operating a drip irrigation system is incredibly easy, making it a real time saver if you manage your property yourself. It’s also very efficient, providing ample water to your plants while reducing overall water consumption by up to fifty percent compared to other water-delivery options.

When installed properly, drip irrigation systems provide water directly to plants’ root systems in a slow, measured drip. This is the ideal place and flow rate for healthy plants. It also minimizes the amount of moisture lost to evaporation and runoff, and it ensures maximum uptake of water into the soil. The slow-paced flow of drip irrigation also keeps moisture right inside the layer of soil your plants rely on for nutrients; little seeps down past root level. Concentrating your water directly on your plants also reduces the number of weeds you’ll see.
As noted above, drip irrigation systems are intrinsically low-maintenance and low-effort. This is a powerful advantage for commercial landscaping, where maintenance budgets are often razor-thin. By providing excellent watering with minimal effort and expense, drip irrigation is ideal for most commercial applications.

When you use a drip irrigation system, you’ll see your plants grow faster and stay healthier. When combined with nutritious mulching, drip irrigation delivers optimum resources to your greenery without subjecting it to any undue water stress. Since drip irrigation doesn’t spread water everywhere and wet down plant leaves, it can significantly reduce the appearance of certain problems caused by wet leaves (e.g. mildew and fungal infection).

In Utah, Total Landscape Management has handled commercial sprinkler and irrigation installation for clients for over nine years. We take pride in customizing our services to meet the individual needs of each of our customers. We’re a locally-owned and operated company, with all the necessary certifications, licenses, bonds, and insurance. Professionalism is our watchword, and we always act in our customers’ best interests. If you want your property cared for by skilled, attentive hands, trust us to meet your landscaping needs.

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