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Residential Landscape Maintenance

Total Landscape Management

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Residential Landscape Maintenance

How the yard surrounding your house looks is crucial when it comes to making that lasting impression on your guests and neighbors. Total Landscape Management is here to not only get your yard to that pristine level, but also to keep it there!

Our residential yard maintenance will keep the yard of your beautiful home clean and tidy, including plush lawns and trimmed plants. With us, you will get the full suite of services that keeps the exterior surroundings of your home beautiful year-round.
Total Landscape Management offers the following landscape maintenance services:

Lawn Care: We keep gardens neat by professionally mowing, removing grubs among some other pests. That lawn you saw and appreciated the other day, must have been done by Total Management!

Weed Removal: At Total Landscape Management, we remove weeds that grow on lawn grass and along paved areas too. Some of these weeds include dandelion, prickly lettuce, crabgrass , and others.

Plant Manicuring & Shrub Pruning: Professional experts at Total Landscape Management keep your plants in shape and attractive. Overgrown shrubs are managed by expert cutting.

Tree Maintenance: We do it all when it comes to trees you want kept beautiful around your home. Services include trimming, removal, disease control, and composting.

Garbage Removal: We remove all the trash and debris in your yard during each visit.

Maintenance of Irrigation Systems: Your sprinkler system is essential to proper lawn care and beauty. We manage your watering system and keep your sprinklers in good repair.

We will make sure your yard is kept as impressive as you ever imagined. For a cost estimation, feel free to contact us on (801) 512-1663 to get a quote for your custom landscape care.

Want to change how your property looks? Just call us and we will give you an estimate for a customized upgrade. Let our professionals assist you with getting the best choices of plants, or assist you with replacing dead and unhealthy plants to keep your grounds as tidy as possible.

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