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Residential Weed Control

It happens to everyone at some point, the inevitable intrusion of weeds in your yard. You have created a beautiful lawn with nearly luminescent green grass, and as you look at it one bright Sunday afternoon, you realize that something has to be done; you have a battle to fight, and it is unfolding right in your front yard.

A major part of lawn care means getting rid of, and protecting yourself against weed infiltrations. There are three major types of lawn weeds: Crabgrass, White Clover, and Dandelions.
Weeds like these commit atrocious acts against your lawn:

Weeds steal resources

Deplete nutrients from your lawn

Expand rapidly

Destroy aesthetics

A single dandelion weed can produce up to 15,000 seeds, making it possible for them to spread rapidly. During the summer it is not uncommon to see lawns spotted with yellow blossoms, which may look pretty to some, but are truly bad for your hard earned green turf.

The biggest reason that weeds are able to infiltrate, is space. The better your lawn, the less room the weeds will have to grow; dense grass will choke the roots, stopping the problem before it even starts. You, however, need to make sure that you constantly fertilize your lawn; or you could just let us worry about it. In addition to that, make sure that your soil is constantly moisturized. If your soil becomes too dry, weeds will easily take root, and with that being the case, it sometimes helps to create a canopy that will keep the sunlight at bay. Total Landscape Management can help you plan and execute all of this for a perfectly controlled, weed free, beautiful lawn!

Sometimes your best efforts aren’t enough, in which case you will need to go the extra mile. If you see weeds creeping through the grass, then hand weeding might be your only option. It is best to take care of these sprouts before they truly begin to take root and develop. Again, this is a job for the professionals to handle.

Total Landscape Management provides the following premium weed control services:

Noxious Weed Control: We provide this service for homeowners to ensure the elimination of noxious weeds. Keep in mind that this is typically required by the many county ordinances anyway.

Lawn Weed Control: This service will keep your lawn healthy and help to eliminate weeds such as crabgrass and dandelions, keeping them from taking control of your lawn.

Shrub Bed Weed Control: You may keep ornamental shrub and flowerbeds in your yard, but it is possible for them to become infested with weeds. Carefully timed treatments will help to keep your shrubs weed free and your garden aesthetically pleasing.

Bare Ground Weed Control: Weeds can grow on bare ground, thereby creating a fire hazard. With commercial and residential applications, it becomes more possible to manage this weed growth and promote safety. A Total Landscape Management Representative can create a program that fits your needs and give you the yard you truly deserve.

Crabgrass Control & Removal Services

We have all seen the horror: gazing through a window or standing in our yard, we find our lush, green grass suddenly intruded upon by something that simply doesn’t belong there. While many people have dealt with the horrors of crabgrass in their lawns, it is still one of the most misidentified weeds and can become a real problem with weed control.

Crabgrass grows every spring when the soil starts to warm up. Early spring creates the ideal germinating time for crabgrass, when the soil is about 55 or 60 degrees in temperature. The reason crabgrass is so hard to control once it begins to sprout is because the plants mature to the seeding phase quickly and can drop up to 5000 seeds on your lawn. If you are someone who cuts their lawn very low, you may be exacerbating the problem by allowing the soil to heat up more quickly. When this happens, crabgrass is allowed to spread faster.

Crabgrass Control & Removal Services

As the plant matures when the season progresses, the weed will start turning a reddish brown. The moment the first frost hits, this plant dies and will remain on top of your soil dead until winter weather makes it disintegrate. However, it will retain fertile seeds that will start spreading and growing once spring hits again.

Being ugly and disrupting the look of your lawn isn’t the only problem that crabgrass can create. It can also cause major damage. The toxins that its roots release into the soil can weaken your lawn grass, and this in turn makes it even easier for the crabgrass to reproduce in other areas. If the weed is allowed to mature, it will release seeds during autumn. These seeds will remain dormant in your lawn until spring, when the soil warms up again. The cycle repeats itself.

You should never allow crabgrass to choke the life and beauty out of your lawn. By starting now, we can help you create a healthy lawn that will not only get rid of crabgrass this season, but resist it the next. Contact us at (801) 512-1663 today or click for a crabgrass control and removal services estimate. We will be there as soon as possible to help you take care of those unwanted lawn guests.

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