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Lawn Care

Total Landscape Management

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Residential Lawn Care

Total Landscape Management knows how to keep your lawn in optimal health so that it is able to withstand the cold and moist Salt Lake City winter climate and turn green when springtime rolls around. We help keep your grass dense and smooth yet sufficiently rugged for handling our extreme climates and alkaline soil here in Utah.

Weeds like spurge, crabgrass and dandelions can suddenly sprout and cause havoc; pesky sod webworms, white grubs, and billbugs can pose challenges to regular lawn care; and the fungus necrotic ring spot may show up at any time. These are some of the main reasons why your neighbors have selected us to manage their weed control lawn care and miscellaneous yard services like irrigation and aeration winterization for them. You should take full advantage of our services as well.

Total Landscape Management Lawn Care Services

Of course having a greener lawn is the main reason to hire us to do your lawn care. However, there are some other important reasons as well. When you partner with us, you will receive help from local professionals who provide the best lawn care services around.

Yard Services Include:

Healthier and better looking lawn without having to do any of the work yourself

Fertilizers applied on a regular basis and according to schedule

Treatments for grub, weed and insect control as well as turf inspection done on a regular and scheduled basis

Assistance with difficult problems like snow mold and necrotic ring spot

Reliable year-long or seasonal maintenance assistance

Licensed and highly trained technicians

We will provide you with the best lawn care to meet your specific landscape and needs. In addition, the insect control and weed control that we provide to you is safe for your pets and family. Just let us know whether you are in need of year-round lawn care of seasonal help- we aim to please and are here to meet your specific requirements.

Here at Total Landscape Management, we have been providing professional commercial and residential landscaping services in Utah for over 9 years. Total Landscape Management is proud to provide each of our customers with completely personalized service. Our company is locally owned and operated. We are also fully certified, bonded, insured and licensed. With each landscape we complete, we maintain total professionalism at all times. Throughout the entire project, our team will always treat your property with the utmost respect and greatest care.

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